Team Funnels LLC provides a membership with unlimited access to custom membership sites that may be installed and hosted on any domain for $20/month or $150 one time, paid directly to the referring Team Funnels member. Each membership site includes unlimited custom sales funnels with a custom lead capture page, custom video sales page, custom webinar hosting page, custom back office welcome page, and custom automatic follow up emails. The custom automatic follow up emails can be processed by Team Funnels LLC for $50/month, or the membership site administrator can integrate any SMTP relay service of their choice.

Team Funnels LLC generates revenue by running sponsored ads inside the back office of each membership site and emailing membership site users about the Team Funnels membership. This is how we can allow each Team Funnels member to earn 100% commissions for referring others to become a Team Funnels member.

The sponsored ads will include the Team Funnels membership, traffic sources, and software to help membership site users promote their businesses. We will NOT run any ads for MLM or network marketing businesses. Each membership site user may make a donation of $10/month or $50 one time to remove the sponsored ads. We will link all Team Funnels banners inside the back office of any membership site to the site administrators lead capture page for $500. We will remove all ads from any membership site for $1000.

All membership site users are automatically opted in to the Team Funnels LLC email campaign when they register for a membership site. Team Funnels LLC will email them about the Team Funnels membership exclusively. We will not email them about anything else. We will remove automatic opt ins of registered users to the Team Funnels LLC email campaign from any membership site for $500.


Purchase of hosting by Blue Host is required, by clicking on the Blue Host banner inside the members area. Installation on any other hosting is $100.


Up to 4 hours of support to help you set up a membership site and one sales funnel exactly how you want it.


We will install a membership site and host it for you for life. (or until you stop using it) We will help you with any support you need to set up your membership site and sales funnels, up to 8 hours.


Team Funnels LLC has a strict no refund policy on support and hosting. Since all of our services are provided online with no physical products, we do not offer refunds. There are absolutely no refunds.


Team Funnels LLC


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