Get the software free and choose from thousands of templates to build the highest quality pages.  Upgrade the software to replicate any funnel you build for unlimited members and provide them with a done for them lead generation system with SMS & email autoresponders for every member. You can even custom brand the software with your own logo and color scheme for all of your clients.


There are thousands of free HTML and bootstrap templates online that you can easily install into the software to build your sales funnel pages with for any business and niche.


Everything you need all in one system.


Easy to use drag and drop editor.


Build with ANY template online.


There are absolutely NO LIMITS!


Automatic replication for your team.


SMS & email autoresponders built in.

Unlimited leads, SMS & email autoresponders, and unlimited traffic!
100% free with no credit card or obligation to buy anything.

Check out the questions we get asked the most!  Then feel free to message us using the messenger icon in the bottom right hand corner if you have any more questions.

  • Is it really free or do I have to pay to get any real value?
    The software is free to build one sales funnel with up to 14 pages.  You can also build a list of unlimited leads.  If you also want a cart that integrates with every popular merchant gateway, a customer relationship manager, and a membership builder, you can upgrade the software for $39/month or $249 for life.  If you are a networker or team builder, you may also be interested in upgrading the software to a marketing system builder for unlimited members.   If you own an agency and build sales funnels for clients, you may be interested in upgrading to the agency system.
  • Can I import the funnels I built with Click Funnels?
    Yes!  You can import all of your Click Funnels pages into the software and use up to 14 pages in your free funnel.  If you upgrade the software you can build unlimited funnels with the pages you already built on Click Funnels or anywhere else.  Importing your pages from Click Funnels is very easy and takes less than a minute.
  • What happens to my funnels if you go out of business?
    Since you download the software and install it on your own hosting, no matter what happens to us, you will always have your funnels, leads, and all of your other data.  Unlike almost all of our competitors, you actually own the software we give you.  You aren't just using someone else's software.  If you have upgraded your software and Team Funnels goes offline, you will have the upgraded software for life.  If you have the free version of the software and Team Funnels goes offline, you will have the free software for life.  If you have the marketing system builder and Team Funnels goes offline, you will have the marketing system builder for life.  If you have the agency version of the software and Team Funnels goes offline, you will have the agency version for life.
  • Why are you giving away such awesome software for free?
    Team Funnels was created to help people quickly and easily build teams by making a powerful marketing system affordable for everyone.  We offer the free version of the software so that you can start building your own funnels, and then later upgrade and turn them into a marketing system for unlimited members, or get the agency upgrade so you can build funnels for other people when you are ready to scale your business.
  • How fast do your pages load compared to competitors?
    Unlike almost all of our competitors, we do not store your funnels, leads, and all other data in the same database as thousands of other users.  Because you get your own database that has only your own data, your pages will load much faster than any other sales funnel building provider online. One of our competitors claims that his pages load faster because he uses Word Press.  That is not true.  The main thing that slows down page load speeds is how long it takes to retrieve the data from the database.  When there are thousands of users with all of their data all jammed into the same database, the pages of that provider will load slower than pages that load from a database with much less data stored in it.
  • Is the software user friendly and easy to use?
    We have spent over 8 years developing the software to make sure it is not only extremely powerful, but also very user friendly and easy to use.  You can easily build the highest quality pages of any funnel building software online because you can easily import any template online that was created by the best designers in the world.  Then you can use a very easy to use drag and drop editor to edit the templates to create your pages with your own content.  Unlike Click Funnels and all of our other competitors, you aren't limited to the same few templates that everyone else is using.  You can have very high quality professional pages that set you apart from everyone else.

The Team Funnels software has been under development for over 8 years, and is completely bug free. All software owners get free automatic remote updates sent to their software with every addition and improvement. The remote updates enable you to have full control of your own data but still have the benefit of the latest technology and business building features. If there is anything you need added to the software, just let us know!