• UNLIMITED CUSTOM SALES FUNNELS - Create unlimited custom sales funnels with a lead capture page and video sales page. Each page can be fully customized with any image or video background, and anything else you want.
  • DONE FOR YOU SALES FUNNELS- Your system comes pre-loaded with 7 sales funnels already done for you, and ready to start using to generate leads for yourself and anyone you choose to share them with.
  • FREE IMPORTABLE SALES FUNNELS- Easily import any of the new sales funnels that we create in seconds. Customize them however you choose and share any of them that you want with your system users.
  • UNLIMITED LIST BUILDING & STORAGE - Store your leads in your own database so you never have to worry about losing them or having them stolen by a system provider.
  • PROCESS EMAILS WITH ANY SMTP SERVICE - Never worry about getting banned by an autoresponder service again. There are thousands of SMTP email relay services to choose from with extremely high delivery rates, which are usually better than services like Get Response, AWeber, etc. If one service bans you, another one can be integrated in minutes.
  • BUILT IN AUTORESPONDERS - Write your own automatic follow up emails for each funnel that get sent to each lead at the intervals you specify. If you would like to use the same autoresponders for all of your funnels, you can set that with one click.
  • MEMBERSHIP SITE FOR UNLIMITED USERS - Members can register for your system and import any sales funnel you create with one click. Any sales funnel they import will automatically replicate for anyone they refer. You can choose whether to allow them to customize their own sales funnels or not.Each member can build their own list of leads and have your autoresponders automatically sent to their own leads with their own information and reply to email. You can process their autoresponders for them or force them to get their own email processor. Each member is required to get their own email processor if they want to send email broadcasts to leads and referrals.
  • BUILT IN EMAIL BROADCASTER - Send emails to all of your leads or system users instantly with the built in email broadcaster. You can filter the emails to be sent to members by whether they have paid your admin fee, whether they have paid their referrer, whether they have set up their system, whether they have paid for the first upsell, and more filtering options.
  • OPTIONAL ADMINISTRATION FEE - Charge every member an administration fee that they must pay before they can have access to your system. The admin fee may be monthly, yearly, one time, or any other interval you choose.
  • OPTIONAL 100% COMMISSIONS - Enable a reverse 1 up or reverse 2 up 100% commissions compensation plan for your system with one click. With a reverse 1 up, each member must pass up their 2nd sale. With a reverse 2 up, each member must pass up their 2nd and 4th sale. You can charge a monthly or one time fee for the 100% commissions compensation plan.
  • PROTECTED MEMBERS ONLY PAGE - Create a page that only paid members have access to with any content you want. This is where you could provide training, software, or anything else of value to your paid members.
  • HOST LIVE WEBINARS - Set a countdown timer and embed any video code to host live webinars on unique pages for each member of your system. Members can invite guests to their own pages. You can enable lead capture for each member to capture leads on their live webinar pages, or just a button for their guests to click to join your business with their unique link.
  • UP TO 5 REPLICATING BANNER ADS - Set up to 5 custom banner ads inside your system, and optionally on your video sales pages and live webinar pages. Each member can set their own links for your banner ads that their referrals will then be able to join under them, and set their own links. You can choose whether to allow members to replace your banner ads with their own banner ads or not.
  • FACEBOOK MESSENGER INTEGRATION - Each member must set their own Facebook URL for their profile or business page. If you enable Facebook messenger, each of their pages will have a Facebook messenger icon in the bottom right hand corner that their prospects may click to connect with them instantly on Facebook messenger.
  • UNLIMITED RESELL RIGHTS- You may resell the software to as many people as you want for $250 each.


  • AUTOMATED HOME PAGE ROTATOR- Set your home page rotator to automatically place members in the rotator when they pay for your system, and automatically remove them when they have the amount of paid referrals that you specify. You can also set options to remove them automatically if they don't login daily, or have the amount of unpaid referrals that you specify.
  • AUTOMATED HOME PAGE TRAFFIC CO-OP - The system will automatically place members that have paid for your traffic co-op in your home page rotator and remove them from it with one click on your members list.
  • 100% COMMISSIONS LEVERAGED UPSELLS - Set up to 3 upsell offers that members can earn 100% commissions on. If members don't pay for the upsells then they pass the sales up of all referrals that do. You can choose whether you want to receive all the pass up sales, or if you want your members to receive them. If you want your members to receive the pass ups it will add 3 additional independent levels to your built in reverse 1 up or reverse 2 up 100% commissions compensation plan.
  • INTEGRATE ANY AFFILIATE SOFTWARE- Easily integrate any affiliate software to enable a matrix, binary, or any other compensation plan that your software supports. Just copy and paste the code you get from your affiliate software to have it set up in minutes.
  • UNLIMITED RESELL RIGHTS- You may resell the additional features to as many people as you want for $250 each.

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