• UNLIMITED CUSTOM SALES FUNNELS- Create unlimited custom sales funnels with a lead capture page and video sales page. Each page can be fully customized with any image or video background, and anything else you want.
  • EASY MOBILE OPTIMIZATION- Most people are on their mobile devices, so having a perfectly optimized mobile version will set you apart from your competition. Easily adjust the sizes of your fonts and images, or even completely change your mobile version, with a built in mobile optimizer for all of your pages.
  • ANIMATED LEAD CAPTURE PAGE EFFECTS- Spice up your lead capture pages with 71 built in animated effects. Easily select an animated effect for each section of your lead capture page, your video, and your button. You can slow down or speed up each effect, and you can set each effect to start at any time you choose after your page loads.
  • LEAD CAPTURE PAGE POPOVERS- Easily add custom popovers to your lead capture pages that are triggered with a button click, when a visitor begins to exit your page, or at any time you set after your lead capture page loads. You can have an opt-in form on your popovers, or just a button that clicks to anywhere you want. You can also put videos on your popovers. You can even redirect visitors to any URL you want when they close your popovers.
  • DONE FOR YOU LEAD CAPTURE PAGES- Your system comes pre-loaded with 7 lead capture pages already done for you, and ready to start using to generate leads and build email lists.
  • FREE LIFETIME UPDATES & NEW PAGES-Easily import any of the new lead capture pages and update your system with all of the latest improvements we have made in seconds.
  • UNLIMITED LIST BUILDING & STORAGE- Store your leads in your own database so you never have to worry about losing them or having them stolen by a system provider.
  • PROCESS EMAILS WITH ANY SMTP SERVICE- Never worry about getting banned by an autoresponder service again. There are thousands of SMTP email relay services to choose from with extremely high delivery rates, which are usually even better than services like Get Response, AWeber, etc. If one service bans you, another one can be integrated in minutes.
  • BUILT IN AUTORESPONDERS- Write your own automatic follow up emails for each funnel that get sent to each lead at the intervals you specify. If you would like to use the same autoresponders for all of your funnels, you can set that with one click.
  • BUILT IN EMAIL BROADCASTER- Send emails to all of your leads instantly with the built in email broadcaster.
  • HOST LIVE WEBINARS- Set a countdown timer and embed any video code to host live webinars. You can capture leads on your webinar page, or just have a button that takes people to any website you want.
  • 15 URL ROTATOR FOR EACH FUNNEL- Easily convert your landing pages to a 15 URL rotator.
  • BUILT IN VISITOR TRACKING- Each landing page has built in visitor tracking with the time and date of visit, IP address and map of location, and even their email address if they have opted in.

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