Replicated Sales Funnels for Unlimited Members
Only $179/month or $1750/year


Only $279/month or $2500/year
with unlimited system building support


Support is available at a rate of $100/hour
without the unlimited support subscription.


  • AUTOMATIC REPLICATING SALES FUNNELS FOR EVERY MEMBER - Create as many sales funnels as you want and enable members to import any you choose with one click. Each member will automatically get the same sales funnel that their referrer is currently using. Each sales funnel can be built with any combination of a lead capture page, sales page, info page, and webinar page. You can use any HTML editor to build your pages and we provide a free drag and drop editor that you can download to your PC or Mac.
  • BUILT IN LEAD GENERATION FOR EVERY MEMBER - Every member can capture and build their own list of leads with emails and optional names and phone numbers. Every member can export their list with one click or send them email and SMS broadcasts right from the system if they get their own email and SMS processing accounts.
  • EASY TWO MINUTE SET UP FOR EVERY MEMBER - After you have built the sales funnels for your members, they can register for your system and be ready to promote your business, and capture leads in less than two minutes. Every member will have their own unique referral URL so that the people that they refer get registered for the system with them and see all of their links to join your business or affiliate programs.
  • BUILT IN AUTORESPONDERS FOR EVERY MEMBER - You can write the email and SMS autoresponders that get sent out to every members leads using snippets that insert the unique information of each member. You can make the emails and texts appear to have been sent directly from the member that generated the lead with their own reply to email. You can allow members to remove your autoresponders and write their own if you want.
  • THIRD PARTY AUTORESPONDER INTEGRATION FOR EVERY MEMBER - Any member that wants to use a third party autoresponder service such as Get Response or AWeber can easily integrate it with the system to have their leads sent there instead of to the built in lead generation system.
  • OPTIONAL ADMINISTRATION FEE - Easily create a payment page that members cannot get past until they have paid your administration fee. When they have paid your admin fee you can have your payment system redirect them to a URL that automatically activates them for you.
  • OPTIONAL 100% COMMISSIONS PEER TO PEER PAY PLAN - Easily enable and set up a reverse one up or two up peer to peer compensation plan. Every member can activate their own referrals when they have received their payment. You can also offer up to three upsells that your members can earn 100% commissions on. You can set the system to have the payments from referrals of any member that does not pay for an upsell either pass up to you or to the first member upline that has paid for the upsell.
  • INTEGRATE ANY THIRD PARTY AFFILIATE TRACKING SOFTWARE - Easily create a payment page that tracks affiliate commissions through any third party affiliate tracking software. Members will not be able to get past the payment page until they have paid and triggered a commission for the referring affiliate.
  • FULLY AUTOMATED ACTIVATION & DEACTIVATION WITH AMEMBER PRO - If you purchase Amember Pro for $149 one time, you can collect payments with any of the most popular online payment gateways, and the system will automatically activate and deactivate members for you when they pay and cancel subscriptions. Amember Pro also has built in affiliate tracking with unlimited tiers that enables you to run your own multi level marketing program with your system. You can even simultaneously use both Amember Pro's multi tier affiliate tracking and the built in reverse 1 or 2 up peer to peer pay plan.
  • PAID MEMBER REFERRAL TRACKING LEADERBOARD - If you are using the built in 100% commissions peer to peer pay plan, Amember Pro, or any other third party affiliate tracking software you can easily create a leaderboard that lists as many members as you want in order of daily, weekly, monthly, and all time paid referrals.
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE MEMBERS AREA & MENU WITH ICONS - Easily create a custom welcome page that every member will see every time they login to the system with any content you want. Easily upload your logo and customize the color scheme for every page in the members area. Easily embed training and tutorial videos for your members. Easily create a custom menu with eye catching icons.
  • EVERY MEMBER CAN PROMOTE UP TO 5 AFFILIATE PROGRAMS - You can set up to five affiliate programs with banner ads that every member can set their own URL's for so that their own referrals join or pay them. Optionally, you can also allow members to replace the banner ads that you have set with their own banner ads that are shown to all of their referrals. Their referrals may then either set their own affiliate URL's for the same banner ads, or replace them with their own banner ads. Any member that does not set their own URL for the banners will have the URL of the first member upline that does pass thru to their referrals.
  • AUTOMATED HOME PAGE ROTATOR & TRAFFIC CO-OP - Easily enable a home page rotator that automatically places and removes members for you. The automated home page rotator will place members in it and rotate their landing pages on the home page of your system until they have as many paid or free referrals as you choose. Then it will automatically remove them for you. You can also enable a built in traffic co-op and keep members placed in the rotator indefinitely as long as they are paid.
  • PROTECTED MEMBERS ONLY CONTENT PAGE - Easily create a page that only paid members have access to where you provide training or downloads and any other content you want protected only for paid members.
  • ONE CLICK EXPORT OF ALL LEADS AND SYSTEM REFERRALS - Every member can export all of their leads and system referrals with one click. As the system owner you can also export every members leads and every registered member of your entire system with one click. You can easily have your members build a massive list for you.
  • HOSTING INCLUDED WITH SSL CERTIFICATE AND DAILY BACK UP - We will host your system for you and make sure it is always up and running, secure, and protected. Your entire system will be backed up every day at midnight Mountain Time. We can even back it up more often than that for an additional charge. You will also have access to a CPanel so you can create additional pages for your site that are not part of the system with a free included drag and drop editor.


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