Team Funnels LLC provides software that allows you to build your own custom marketing system with unlimited sales funnels for a one time payment of $500 or $1000. Each sales funnel builder includes unlimited custom sales funnels with a custom lead capture page, custom video sales page, custom webinar hosting page, custom members area welcome page, custom branding in your members area, and custom automatic follow up emails.

Team Funnels LLC offers the system for $500 with a Team Funnels banner in the members area of your marketing system, or $1000 without the banner.

Hosting is also required for $25/month.  Team Funnels LLC will install your marketing system on the domain of your choice.  You will need to purchase your own domain.  Hosting includes daily back up, an SSL certificate, and free system updates.


Team Funnels partners provide customization support.  The fee each partner charges is at the choice of each independent partner.  Team Funnels LLC is not liable for any claims or damages when you make a payment to an independent partner for customization support.


Team Funnels LLC has relationships with partners that independently sell the software.  Please check with the person you purchased the software from concerning their refund policy.  In the event that you have purchased directly from Team Funnels LLC, you may cancel and receive a refund within 30 days, except for a $150 fee for installation.  There are absolutely no refunds for customization support or custom programming.


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