Team Funnels LLC provides software that allows you to build your own custom marketing systems for a one time payment of $250.  Each system includes unlimited custom sales funnels with a custom lead capture page, custom video sales page, custom webinar hosting page, custom members area, custom welcome page, and custom automatic follow up emails. 

Team Funnels LLC advertises the Team Funnels software inside the members area of every system unless the owner has paid the fee to have the Team Funnels banner removed.  This is how we subsidize the $1250 actual price of the software and provide you with your own marketing systems for only $250.  We discount the software by $1000 in exchange for advertising the software to your system users.

Each system user may pay $20/month to set their own link for the Team Funnels banner that will be shown to all of their referrals, and resell the software for 100% of the purchase price if they have purchased the software. The system owner may pay $500 to remove the Team Funnels banner from one system within 24 hours from the time the system has been installed.  The fee for removing the Team Funnels banner from all additional systems is $1000 each, and must be paid within 24 hours from the time each system is installed.  After 24 hours, the Team Funnels banner will not be removed from the system.  Team Funnels LLC reserves the right to advertise our software to all system users of any system that has not had the Team Funnels banner removed.  This includes and is not limited to Facebook marketing, email marketing, and telephone marketing.


Team Funnels LLC will install the system on any hosting for a one time payment of $100.  PHP 5 is required.  The system is not yet compatible with PHP 7.


 We will provide up to 4 hours of customization support to help you set up a system and customize it exactly how you want it.   We also offer up to 8 hours of customization support for $500.



Team Funnels LLC has a strict no refund policy on our software, support and hosting. Since all of our services are provided online with no physical products, we do not offer refunds. There are absolutely no refunds from Team Funnels LLC. 


Team Funnels LLC


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